Rick Snyder’s right-wing policies and regressive priorities have failed Michigan.

When Snyder stepped onto the political scene, he branded himself as “One Tough Nerd.” Snyder wanted to portray himself as a business-minded, moderate candidate who was far and away not a “politician.”

However, as we’ve seen over the last three years, we now know that Snyder is just another typical politician. And a right-wing one, at that.

Under Snyder’s leadership, the state has slashed funding to public schools and local governments, fueled the privatization of public services and done very little to improve the lives of working families across Michigan.

Much like Snyder’s time at Gateway — when the company cut and outsourced almost 23,000 jobs — he’s put the profits of big business over people. Michigan’s unemployment rate has increased and wages have fallen under Snyder’s leadership, while at the same time he’s given away billions of dollars in unaccountable tax giveaways to corporations.

It’s time Snyder was held accountable for his underhanded politics, his lies and his failures as governor. The people of Michigan deserve better.  We need a leader on our side, not someone who cares more about padding corporate bottom lines than the well-being of working families.  Rather than being One Tough Nerd, the truth is more similar to One Weak Geek.

For more information on Snyder’s failed policies, check out our “By the Numbers” page – which will be constantly updated as more information continues to roll in about Michigan falling behind.

Snyder Must Get Tough on Radioactive Sludge

“Michiganders don’t want our state to be a dumping ground for the radioactive fracking waste that other states produce,” said Sam Inglot, project director for SnyderFails. “Governor Snyder needs to take a firm stance against this practice, but considering his past actions that hurt Michigan’s Great Lakes legacy, I’m not holding my breath.”

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What is Governor Snyder Hiding?

“Governor Snyder has made it an art form to avoid answering questions about his plans for our state,” said Sam Inglot, project director of SnyderFails. “For our governor, simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions on issues that are important to voters are often dodged or simply ignored.”

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Gov. Snyder Aligns With Employer Who Sued Over Contraception Coverage

“Acting in the best interests of big businesses at the expense of working people is what Gov. Snyder does best and here we have another example of that. This once again proves that Snyder is nothing but another right wing politician with the wrong priorities for Michigan.”

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